Mrs. Beeton’s Hot Cocoa


“Cocoa, To Make. – Put into the cup half a teaspoonful of Fry’s Pure Concentrated Cocoa, and a spoonful of fine white sugar; fill up slowly with boiling water, stirring the while. Add milk or cream to suit the palate, and more sugar if required. The extreme solubility and strength of this choice Cocoa are strikingly apparent on the addition of the milk or cream, although the Cocoa may be used without either.”

Mrs. Beeton’s All About Cookery, 1905 Edition p.95 from the collection of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum


1/2 tsp Fry’s Pure Concentrated Cocoa [or really any cocoa powder]

1 tsp fine white sugar

Boiling water

Milk or cream to suit

Submitted by:
Fort St. John North Peace Museum

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