Though present scenes are pleasant scenes
And present friends are true
There’s a common human failing
And I know I have it too

Perhaps it’s not a failing
But a sign of age no doubt
For I remember good times
And the painful ones leave out

I recall the one roomed country school
Where I three R’s was taught
In the springtime it was baseball
That occupied our thought

Most arrived at school on foot
Some horse and buggy had
We students were the usual
Good, medium, and bad

As winter came the days grew short
The North wind then blew colder
And every night the fire went out
It didn’t even smoulder

We then our winter woollies wore
With coats and mitts as needed
In spite of all we had our fun
And lessons still proceeded

At Christmas we a concert had
We played our parts with joy
And Santa Claus a present bought
For every girl and boy

If any had a memory lapse
And for lack of words was hurting
Then welcome was the tip that came
From just behind the curtain

One teacher taught us all the grades
It was no easy task
She seemed to know the answer
To whatever we could ask

The old school has been closed long since
The students widely scattered
But lessons learned within those walls
Were ones that really mattered

When we our studies did complete
And follow our vocation
We found ourselves in different parts
And corners of the nation

But whenever on this Earth we dwell
And be we wise or fool
One thing we still in common have
Is love for that old school

~ Tim Seeley

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