Family Handprint Christmas Tree


  1. Have all members of your family (kids and adults) trace their hands on the green construction paper. Each family member should probably do at least two or three hands (more for smaller families of 2-4 people). Cut out all hands.
  2. Arrange your Christmas tree with larger hands at the bottom and smaller hands at the top. Overlap the hands. You can either start at the bottom of the tree, gluing large hands together and to the trunk and then layering on top as you go up. Or you can start at the top of the tree with the smallest handprints and layer as you go down, adding the trunk last (and then flip over so it looks like image at right).
  3. Add star at the top. You can mount your tree on a large sheet of paper or poster board or leave as is. If your tree isn’t too heavy, you can hang it on the wall or the fridge.
  4. Feel free to add decorations with markers, stickers, sequins, etc. You may wish to add a date to the tree so you remember how old each child was when you made it.


Green construction paper

Brown construction paper trunk

Construction paper star



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