I was the second baby born in the old Pouce Coupe Hospital. That was on December 22nd, 1921. My parents, Joe and Jennie Goodvin, named me Frances Mary.

We left for the trapline cabin just west of Mile 101 on the now Alaska Highway in 1924.

In those days, most Christmas presents were all hand-made by loving parents. For my first Christmas on the trapline, my dad took a block of pine and carved out a rocking horse. My mother solved the problem of what to use for the mane and tail by cutting off some of her long golden tresses and my Dad fixed them on this horse.

Mom had discovered one lone stick of gum in the pocket of one of her little-used coats so this and a string of pearls of my Mom’s were found by me in my little stocking on Christmas morning. I was thrilled with these treasures and the next night I again hung up my little stocking ….to no avail.

Written by Francy Stredulinsky (adapted from Pioneers of Sunrise Two-Rivers)



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