Christmas on the Peace

When it’s Christmas on the Peace, with its Northern Lights agleam,
Nature’s wonders never cease; here life seems a glorious dream.
Here I hope to live and die, where the stars like diamonds shine,
And the Chinooks softly sigh, round this little home of mine.
I would sooner live right here than be in a palace grand.
Old man Death I’ll never fear, in this sunny flower-decked land.
When I cross the big Divide and I seek my last repose,
Plant me near my cabin’s side, neath Peace River’s virgin snows.

~ John Sweeney


Eternal Star

I am not consumed.
I dance the dance of ages,
Bend and sweep.
Rinse the hill in light,
Where shepherds sleep.

As the cycles swing,
I touch the seeking wise again,
(How they roam).
My rays,
Would warm this world of refugees,
And lead them to me.

I am not consumed.
I keep the tryst of ages,
Bend and sweep.
Until his appearing –
This trust I keep.

~ Vernice McIvor


Prelude to Christmas

Wait here,
In this quiet place.
Let time ebb softly
To a forgotten grace
Of silent hills,
And a torch-lit town.

This is what Christmas means:
God’s love held close in human arms.

This is the only peace
To know he came,
And this is truth
His kingship is the same.
Walk now beneath the neon light –
And know a star bends down.

~ Vernice McIvor


Want to learn more?
This exhibit was developed by the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.
Come visit us at 9323 – 100th Street.

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